Loder pursues architecture in Senior Project

Senior Project Spotlight


Miel Pearce, Staff Writer

Last year when Holden Loder took AP Research, he wrote his final research paper on “Indigenous People’s Ability to Thrive in Adverse Desert Climates.”

For this project, he studied how indigenous people were able to adapt and thrive in harsh climates. Because of his interest in this topic, Holden decided to further his education on this topic by studying environmentally-conscious architecture for his Senior Project.
This project helped Holden learn more about the career field he plans to go into.
“Because I want to become an architect specializing in architectural efficiency, this project provided a unique opportunity to blend my environmentalism and design, as well as allowing me to explore and build knowledge in the field I plan to enter,” he said.
Holden designed a glamorous camping (or glamping) resort using the environmentally-conscious architecture techniques that he researched. After designing this, Holden constructed a physical model of the resort. One of the techniques he used in his design was using geothermal cooling to maintain a consistent interior temperature throughout the resort. He presented his final project in January.
The first part of his project involved researching different types of environmentally sustainable architecture. Holden studied ventilation diagrams, reference books, and pre-existing buildings to learn more about this topic.
After researching, Holden built a 2’ x 2’ model of his resort using Bristol board and wood.
One of the biggest struggles Holden faced while working on his project was the January deadline. Managing his Senior Project with college applications, college portfolios, and the end of the first semester meant that Holden’s time management skills were put to the test.
Another road bump that Holden had to overcome was putting together his model. Holden had to learn how to use a laser cutter and design digitally around the pre-made pieces. This was the first time Holden had done this, and it helped him to build his model more efficiently.
These hardships did not stop Holden from presenting a well-researched, entertaining, and interesting Senior Project.
Holden said that his presentation was successful, “The presentation went well. I tried to keep it relatively informal and maintain more of a discussion about my topic rather than a presentation in order to better connect to my audience.”
Holden plans to major in architecture, with a specialization in environmentalism. His ultimate goal is to practice as an architect for a while before eventually becoming a professor of architecture later in his career.