Excitement stirs for the 2022 Homecoming Week events

Homecoming traditions will be mixed with some new features

Madison Elliott, News Editor

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year for students in each grade. With a week’s worth of activities and dress down days, the week culminates with the football game on Friday night and the dance on Saturday night.

Last year, the event was held outside with a Halloween theme. It was the first time that the dance was held outdoors, but COVID restrictions necessitated the change. However, this year, the dance is scheduled to take place in the traditional location: the Upper Gym.

This year’s dance will be on Saturday, October 22 at 7 pm. Earlier this week, students voted on the dance theme, and the winning theme (by a major landside) is “Red Carpet/Hollywood Glam.”

The events leading up to the dance are just as exciting as the dance itself. On October 13, the Homecoming Class Window Decorating will take place.

Each class council will be provided with supplies from the SGA in order to decorate a window in the main hallway/courtyard area. Anyone who is interested in helping their class paint the window should see one of their class moderators.

From October 14 through October 20, Homecoming flowergrams will be sold by the senior class. Anyone is welcome to purchase a flowergram to send to friends and teachers. Each gram will contain a message and a flower when delivered.

Spirit Week itself will last from October 17 through October 21.

As of press-time for The Patriot, several events have been planned for the week. The SGA does not anticipate any changes to this schedule.

Some events throughout the week include the Advisory Block Party on Monday, which will have students walking through nearby advisories to share food, play games, and get to know others.

Class Color Day will be held on Tuesday of the week. As always, each class will be able to sport their class color. That day will end with the classic Powderpuff Game with senior girls competing against junior girls.

On Wednesday, JC students will have extended lunch where they can join in a parking lot party with a cookout, games, and activities in the employee parking lot.

Following that, Thursday will host the Quiz Bowl and Ring Hunt, and Friday will include the Black and Gold theme day with the Pep Rally and the Homecoming football game against St. Paul’s School.

The themes for the other three days, as determined by a student vote are Country vsmad Country Club, Biker vs Tropical Surfer Day, and Age Day. Monday will be Country vs Country Club Day. Wednesday will be Biker vs Tropical Beach Day, and Thursday will be Age Day.

Ticket sales for Saturday’s will begin on October 9 and will go through October 21. Tickets will be $30 each, and no tickets will be sold at the door. Sales will be online this year.

Next week students will be voting on this year’s Royal Court. There will be a single vote this year over nominations with a final vote as has been done in past years.

Students will be voted upon individually to be the best representatives and most deserving from each class. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will each have five representatives to serve on the Royal Court while seniors will have two additional members.

Voting will focus on students as individuals instead of being part of a couple. Students should vote upon classmates who they feel best represent the best qualities of their class.

Royal Court members will be announced both at the Homecoming football game and at the dance on the following night.