Hensley serves in the position of Dean of Student Services

Kallissa Coats, Staff Writer

Mr. Larry Hensley, John Carroll’s Dean of Student Services, has been at the school for 17 years. Mr. Hensley was hired as a school counselor and has remained in that position for many years.

As the Dean of Student Services, Mr. Hensley oversees all the support services, programs, and overall wellness of all the students attending JC.

Being a part of the staff for so many years, Mr. Hensley said, “The reason I have stayed here at JC so long is because of the students, and all of the people and staff. They continue to be absolutely amazing human beings. They’re kind and compassionate.”

He specifically highlighted that he likes “helping and being [there] for the students and offering and providing international travel for the students.”

“We haven’t been able to travel for the last couple of years during the pandemic, but we hope to bring it back in the upcoming years,” he explained.

The reason he offers this international travel opportunity is so that the students have the chance to experience the cultural differences, to create great memories, and travel to a different country.

In addition to his administrative role, Mr. Hensley was a part of the theater department before he became a counselor. This past school year was his 25th year in the department. He selects, produces, and directs two main-stage musicals: one in the fall and one in the spring.

His students are currently in rehearsals for the musical Elf.

He said that he wanted to be a part of JC theater so that he could “allow students to be able to perform onstage at a professional level.”