Roiy provides students with resources they need to prosper


Grace Griffin, Copy Editor

Mrs. Kelly Roiy is the Director of the St. Joseph’s Program. Mrs. Roiy has created a special bond with the 63 students in the four-year program.

In her past five years at John Carroll, she has grown the program exponentially by using her experience at Mount St. Joseph’s High School.

“My career began at Mount Saint Joseph High School in their program called the DePaul program, and I worked there for 12 years. Then I moved to Bel Air and applied for a job at John Carroll in the Saint Joseph program, and I’ve been here ever since,” Mrs. Roiy said.

Mrs. Roiy has been working with students with learning differences for 17 years since she graduated from Towson University. She plans to spend many more years working to improve the program and assist her students.

When Mrs. Roiy came to John Carroll in 2018, St. Joseph’s was a small program that mainly catered to the needs of freshmen and sophomores. She suggested that the program needed more structure for juniors and seniors as well.

“This year we have our senior class in Saint Joseph’s where students can work on their senior academics in addition to college essays and applications,” she said.

This has been a great way for all the St. Joseph’s teachers to assist students with not only the stressors of high school but also planning for the future.

Mrs. Roiy has crafted an amazing team of specialsts who can help students with multiple subjects ranging from math with Mr. Jeremy Mellady to history with Mr. Joe Scheide.

Some familiar teachers, like Mrs. Courtney VonLange and Mrs. Alicia Lambe, have joined the program, and they have been great additions for students.

Mr. Mellady said, “Mrs. Roiy makes it easy for the other teachers in St. Joe’s to focus on doing their jobs well.”

The St. Joseph’s Program has taken huge leaps in the past five years with the addition of the testing center with Mr. Charles Wilson and room 322, which is where Mr. Mellady, Mr. Smith, and Milo, the St. Joseph’s therapy dog, reside.

“We have added the testing room which is a great resource for students to receive their accommodations and also room 322 which is a space where students can come on their off mods to get some work done. It’s a little less distracting than the Learning Commons or the cafeteria,” Mrs. Roiy said.

With her constant support and love for her students, all St. Joseph’s students can’t imagine school without Mrs. Roiy. She is constantly referred to as a “school mom” and is beloved by her students.