The Global Culture Club returns to John Carroll

Addy Chalmers, Staff Writer

Clubs bring opportunities to meet people and learn about them. It is a way to socialize outside of the school hours with people who have some of the same interest.. At John Carroll, we have many different clubs.

One of the newest clubs is the Global Culture Club. However, the idea of the club is not new.
Global Culture Club Moderator Tom Vierheller said, “The original Heritage Club at JC was established approximately seven to eight years ago.”

Mr. Vierheller added, “The original [Culture] club was created during a time of a much greater population of international students. Several students from other countries wanted to set up a student-run organization to build a more accepting and informative group to help students build their knowledge and trust of others in the student body. Many of the leaders of the original organization are now involved in cultural difference awareness groups in their selected college.”

Mr. Vierheller said that “the leadership of the organization has selected the name Global Citizens Club for this cross-culture sharing and learning opportunity.”

The club is open to all members of the John Carroll community, international students, American students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Mr. Vierheller said, “The Global Culture Club’s goal is to improve the knowledge, appreciation, and interest in the peoples and cultures of our community and the world in general. The initial focus of the club is the broad and little-known cultural landscape of our community. The broader mission is to cultivate a welcoming environment for all constituencies within The John Carroll School family.”

The club aspires to also challenge students and others to research members’ own heritage and lineage. “That is why the basic message is to learn about the world through our knowledge of self,” explained the moderator.

“One of the activities we do is to make a monthly cultural menu opportunity in the Patriot Café corresponding with our international students’ home cuisine. Also, some students teach other students how to write in their native language, how to prepare food from their home country, and how to say basic phrases in their native language,” added Mr. Vierheller.

The Global Culture Club brings the John Carroll community together to learn about many diverse cultures throughout the world and creates opportunities for everyone here at JC.