Behind the scenes of Patriot’s Corner

New additions and products are always coming into the store


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Patriots’ Corner is constantly improving and cycling new products into the store. One of the newest additions was the snack corner right beside the entrance.

Students can visit any time of the day while the store is open to purchase snacks and drinks, including chips, brownies, candy, sweet teas, sodas, and flavored water to snack on throughout the day. This is a recent addition, but it is not the first time JC has had this type of snack station in the store.

School Store Director Christine Buontempo was able to share where the idea of this addition came from, “When COVID started, a teacher asked for us to carry snacks for students.”

As the cafeteria was closed during this period, students would be able to visit the school store and shop for some snacks.

Along the lines of merchandise, the most popular clothing item in the store is the wide selection of hoodies.

Mrs. Buontempo said that she is responsible for the designing and merchandising for each piece as she works with the design company. She said it can be difficult “coming up with new ways to use the Patriot and the logo” while forming new designs.

Other items besides hoodies can range from bags, accessories, t-shirts, sweatpants, uniform attire, blankets, bookbags, stickers, and jewelry.

Mrs. Buontempo said that part of deciding the designs relates to the way products are selected. Products sold are chosen based on customer demand and what students ask for. The goal is to get a variety of things to sell for the Patriot community.

Although the store is popular and full of plenty of items, there is no intention to further expand the store at this time.