Novack paints Tree of Life for Diploma with Distinction in Art Project

Gabby Albright, Photography & Art Editor

Tori Novak painted a Tree of Life mural for her Diploma with Distinction in Art Project. The mural was painted at the Harford Crisis Center. She, along with senior Anna Garvey, painted it together on one of the blank walls of the center.

The tree represents hope and life, as Tori wanted to “positively affect the patients through art.”
Anna commented, “Tori’s being able to bring such positive change into the center really inspires me. She is an amazing artist with only the best intentions for her community.”

The mural features a variety of greens and browns with a blue background. It includes a quote that says, “The hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life.” This quote is written in cursive with a thinner black paint. It also goes from lighter on the top to darker on the bottom, giving the illusion that there is a sun above the tree.

To create her mural, she worked with the department chair of the crisis center. Her dad also helped her with her idea and the paints. Tori has also had previous experience doing art prior to her mural. Along with being in multiple art classes, Tori helped paint the Bel Air mural for Jiffy Lube and the mural at local Mexican restaurant Mucho Gusto.

The Harford Crisis Center helps people to overcome all types of mental health conditions. The center is located right on Baltimore Pike in Bel Air. Because of her experience working with the center, Tori said, “I would say it made me realize not to take life for granted.”