Senioritis is the toughest “illness” plaguing seniors

The Class of 2023 is in their final quarter of their time in high school

Meghan Kerr, Perspectives Editor

The months of March and February are the epitome of cold and flu season. While many Patriots are experiencing these illnesses, seniors are experiencing another illness: Senioritis.

The first half of the school year provided seniors with many responsibilities. With college applications on top of already rigorous courses, many seniors reached the point of burnout early on. Now, as college applications are in and one of the biggest stressors faced by seniors has come to an end, some have adopted a more laid-back mindset towards school.

“Senioritis” refers to this laid-back mindset. Some of the symptoms of it include refraining from completing schoolwork, taking a large number of mental health days, and maybe even not completing work on time.

Senioritis is viewed by both seniors and teachers as lack of motivation to put effort towards school and a inescapable longing to graduate.

Senior Grace Welzenbach said that she “would define senioritis as a lack of motivation or desire to complete your senior year of high school.”

Senior Flora Lau similarly emphasized her wanting to graduate by defining senioritis as “wanting to get school over with as soon as possible.”

Senior Class Moderator Hayley Howe shared that she feels senioritis is less of wanting to graduate and be done with high school than “a combination of being so overwhelmed that you become apathetic.”

Some JC seniors and faculty members think of senioritis as being a hindrance to hard work and overall motivation.

With only some colleges asking for transcripts past the second semester of senior year, some seniors find no motivation to get good grades anymore. After the goal of getting into college has been met, many are taking a break from feeling burnt out.

Flora shared that she is “checked out of school because I’m already into college.”
She added, “I still care about my grades right now, but I don’t have any motivation anymore.”

However, different seniors have different reasons for experiencing senioritis.

Grace shared that she feels she is experiencing senioritis because she is “excited to start a new chapter of my life.” She also shared that she has already committed to a school and has “reached out to some people who will also be attending so I’m excited to meet them.”

Senioritis has also had a large effect on teachers and how they determine what assignments are beneficial to combatting the mindset.

Ms. Howe, also a senior English teacher, shared that to adapt to many of her students having senioritis she has “stopped doing daily homework assignments, so I give homework that allows for students to figure out when the best time for them to do homework is and help them learn time management skills for their future.”

Ms. Howe feels that she has “to be sensitive and give students a long time on assignments” due to the lack of motivation and willpower coming from seniors as they count the days until graduation.

Senioritis is a mindset plaguing many seniors, but the finish line is just around the corner.