Women’s Empowerment Club does a drive for Women’s History Month

Gabby Albright, Photography & Art Editor

The Women’s Empowerment Club hosted its second feminine product drive. These products included feminine hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, baby bottles, baby clothes, underwear, hairbrushes, blankets, gently used clothing, shoes, and more.

The products are going to Anna’s House, which is located in Bel Air. Anna’s House serves families experiencing homelessness and mothers with children who have experienced domestic abuse and/or violence.

The club held the drive March 20 through 27. Because last year’s drive was so beneficial to Anna’s House, the club has decided to do the same thing as last year. There was box in the service wing for students and faculty to drop off products.

A big issue with women’s rights is not having access to these products, so having this drive was to benefit those less fortunate women who need sanitary products. Some of the products in the drive such as the tampons and pads will be used to restock the girls’ bathrooms at school.

Senior Angelina DiCocco appreciates what the club has done for the girls’ bathrooms in school.

“Being able to have access to pads and tampons in school is really helpful for all of the girls who need it.”

Being able to donate to this drive can make a significant impact in improving the lives of those who menstruate by ensuring they have access to the necessary products to manage their periods.