Respect Life Club marches in D.C. rally

Respect Life Club marches in D.C. rally

Moderator Dan Briggs and members of the Respect Life club display their signs in front of the Capitol building. The club traveled to D.C. on Jan. 24 to take part in the annual March for Life.

On a blistering cold January morning, junior Nick Henninger walked across Capitol Hill carrying a sign that read “Abortion Kills” to protest at the annual March for Life.

On Jan. 24, JC’s Respect Life club traveled to Washington D.C. with thousands of others to protest, listen to speakers, and support pro-life causes.

“Our [Respect Life club’s] goal is to increase the understanding in the John Carroll community about the life causes — abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia — and to inform people who might not otherwise have known of the tragedies that occur every single day within the U.S. alone,” junior club member Nick Henninger said.

According to the March for Life foundation, about 400,000 people attended the 2011 event. This year, 17 students attended the March for Life, as opposed to last year’s attendance of five students.

“It really shows that there is a pro-life population at JC who wants to have their voices heard, and it gives us hope for the future to further grow our numbers to a sizable percentage of the student population,” Henninger said.

“It feels sort of empowering to be a part of the Respect Life club, mainly because you are presented with a chance to voice your opinion and what you believe in, along with other people who share the same views,” freshman Travis Nelson said.

“I’m a member of Respect Life because I’ve always been strongly against abortion, and the club helps me learn about other respect life topics, such as capital punishment,” junior Erin Culinan said.

According to Henninger, JC’s religious mission helps influence the club’s principles as well.

“JC’s Catholic principles help us to be strong in our efforts for a more pro-life society, as we see every life as sacred, whether it be an unborn child, an elderly person, a person with developmental disabilities, or a person on Death Row,” Henninger said.

The Respect Life club’s next event is a Diaper Drive that will take place in the spring and help the non- profit organization Birthright Pregnancy Aid Center located in Harford County.

“We [Respect Life club] welcome anyone interested in the pro-life causes to come check out one of our meetings. People of all faiths and opinions are always welcome,” Henninger said.

Maggie Cassidy is a Managing Editor for “The Patriot” and