Senior class sponsors black light dance to make up for exam fundraiser deficit

Senior class sponsors black light dance to make up for exam fundraiser deficit

The senior class will sponsor a black light dance on Feb. 24 to help raise money for their prom.

In an attempt to make up for the fundraising opportunity lost from the cancellation of the Senior Variety Show, the senior class offered 10 dollar wristbands allowing students to dress down for the three days of exams.

Approximately 350 students bought bands, raising about 3,500 dollars for the senior class. In past years, the Variety Show generated about 6,000 dollars towards the senior class, according to Senior Class Moderator Sue Greig.

Many students decided to participate because they wanted to feel more relaxed during exam week. “I just wanted to wear sweatpants and be comfortable,” freshman Eric Johnson said.

The price had originally started out at 15 dollars, but was reduced to twelve dollars after initial complaints from the student body, according to Senior Class President Maria Edwards.

Some people still thought the bracelets were too pricey after the price reduction. “It was only three days and I did not want to pay twelve dollars to dress down when we are only in school for a few hours,” junior Katherine Langrehr said.

“Simply put, it was a risk vs. reward situation. We felt that lowering the price of the bracelets would actually help us to make more money, and the huge number of students who participated in the dress down days shows that these reductions paid off,” Senior Class Vice President Nick Henninger said.

With the cost of prom tickets estimated at 100 dollars or more, additional fundraisers are coming.

Henninger encourages members of the senior class to get involved. “We have some ideas in mind to raise money, but we really need the ideas and manpower of our entire class as we move forward. We have a Facebook group, which I ask that all members of the Class of 2012 join. We need all members of the senior class to reach out to Maria, [Senior Member-At-Large Maggie Cassidy], or I, tell us their ideas, and/or offer to lend a hand in future fundraisers.”

“We are doing a black light dance and we have some other little things we are working on that hopefully will pull through and become fundraisers,” Edwards said.

According to Greig, the black light dance is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 24, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Tickets will be sold for 12 dollars each.

Sarah Kearby is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and