News Update: Sweatshirts to be added to school uniform, Book Club begins new chapter


Sweatshirts to be added to school uniform

Starting in November, sweatshirts will be added as an option for students’ uniforms and as part of the official dress code.

According to Dean of Students Brian Powell, the sweatshirts will be an addition to, not replacing, the sweaters already allowed.

“A lot of people don’t like the sweaters, so we’re giving them a new option,” Powell said.

A sweatshirt has been designed specifically for this new policy, and will be for sale in the school store. According to Powell, they will cost around $25.

“We want you to be warm, [and] we want you to be comfortable,” Powell said.

Junior Noelle Correll is “so excited” for the uniform change. “I can’t wait to have sweatshirts we can wear in school,” Correll said.

In the mean time, if students wants to wear a sweatshirt, according to Powell, they should carry it to class and ask their teacher for permission to wear them during class.

To clarify the dress code, a dress code visual aid will be handed out during advisory. The sheet offers pictures of both boy and girl uniforms for the entire year.


Book Club begins new chapter

As the new school year begins, so do new possibilities for Book Club. Under new leadership, the club will be integrating technology with literature.

“We’re basically going to be more of an established club,” senior and Book Club President Ashley Bain said. The club will meet regularly once a month, each month focusing on a different book.

“It’s more student run so that the book choices are from the students,” Book Club moderator and Director of Media Center Kathy Welsh said.

The club will also be incorporating the use of technology this year. They will be doing so by creating a wiki page to discuss the books. “We’re getting two nooks and buying some e-books,” Bain said. Both of these new developments will promote technology along with literature.

“What we’re trying to do is use the tablets more,” Welsh said. Book Club will be using the Kindle Tablet app.

According to Bain, she is “looking forward to having fun and just having a good time.”


 Angela DeCarlo is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and 

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