Powell’s new position creates excitement


Nicole Arrison, In-Depth Editor

Starting next year, current Dean of Students Brian Powell will be the Vice Principal of Student Affairs and Technology. Powell and Gary Scholl, the current Vice Principal of Academics, will both be Vice Principals.

“I’ve really enjoyed being the Dean and I’m looking forward to changing positions next year,” Powell said.

However, they will be involved with different things. “Mr. Scholl is more in charge of academics and schedule changes. I will be dealing with student discipline,” Powell said.

Along with still having the responsibility of the Dean of Students, Powell will also be observing teachers, dealing with student issues and discipline, and overseeing the technology department.

Powell will be working with Director of Technology Greg Russell to help with technology problems.

Powell’s work this year as a Dean influenced his change in position for next year. “I got involved in things the Dean of Students doesn’t really get involved in, but in a good way,” Powell said. “I wanted to help out where help was needed. My new position is sort of like recognition for the things that I did.”

Principal Madelyn Ball believes that Powell is the perfect fit for his new position. “There is no one in the world more qualified for this job than him,” she said. “He has really proven himself this year as Dean.”

Junior Katie Benisch believes that Powell will do a good job as Vice Principal next year. “Mr. Powell did a great job this year as Dean and I think he’ll do an even better job next year,” she said.

“Being Dean this year was good for me, because the students responded well to it. Next year may be a bit different. I’m not sure how I’d take on being a Vice Principal,” Powell said. “But I’m ready to help the school be the best it can be.”

Nicole Arrison is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.