Sadie Hawkins planned for Feb. 20


The SAC leadership is planning a Sadie Hawkins dance on Feb. 20.

Sadie Hawkins dances are typically known as “reverse” dances, where girls invite guys to escort them to the dance, instead of the usual guy-asks-girl tradition. However, this year’s dance isn’t strictly adhering to that pattern.

“You don’t have to have a date to go or have fun. It can just be a fun event to go to with your friends,” Senior Class Vice President Parker Day said.

The dance will be held in half of the upper gym on Feb. 20, and Sam Queen, DJ Royal, will be djing the dance. He is the same DJ from the Homecoming pep rally.

The dance will be more formal than the back-to-school dance, and as a result, the attire will also be more formal. “[The Sadie Hawkins Dance] will basically have the same dress attire as Homecoming,” Day said.

Concerns were raised for girls, especially the junior girls, who would have to buy too many dresses with ring coming soon. “We are planning to promote a ‘borrow a friend’s dress’ to avoid girls having to buy another dress,” SAC President Kishan Patel said.

The dance is being organized by SAC and class officers. Senior class moderator Carrie Siemsen has helped to oversee the dance’s planning.

According to SAC President Kishan Patel, the tickets will go on sale by Jan. 29 at the latest for $15 each.

“We’re planning on having the Sadie Hawkins dance become a tradition. We want future senior officers to continue to lead the charge and plan the dance,” Patel said.

Grace Mottley is a News Editor for The Patriot and