Trip cancellations affect senior projects

Belle Wilson, Managing Editor

Eight students were planning to complete their senior projects by going on the Honduras trip while a few other students were planning on going on the Dominican Republic trip.  However, these trips have been canceled.

Assistant Principal for Academics Jake Hollin has been helping to run the Honduras trips for “eight or so years.”

However, this year JC has shut down all international travel because of both the coronavirus and for the “concern over quarantine; our fear was . . . we wouldn’t be let back into the States, and seniors couldn’t walk across that stage.  My heart would break if seniors were not able to walk across the stage on graduation day,” said Mr. Hollin.

Senior Nick Boccia who was scheduled to go on the Honduras trip said that a group project is still planned and that they are “looking to do a project within driving distance while still helping others.”

The seniors and their parents are actively working on an alternative for the students due to on the cancellations. Some possibilities include an Appalachian Mountain trip to West Virginia.

The JC community usually supplies the family in Honduras with donations and a completes a project that the staff and students complete together.

This decision was difficult because “this isn’t just us not going; it’s them not receiving the assistance of us going.”.

Mr. Hollin said that it’s “not easy” making these kinds of decisions, but “some of it is in our control, and some of it isn’t.”

A concern for this trip is “the possibility that even traveling in the country will become dangerous.”

Parents and students have been “concerned, but we are trying to be understanding of those especially with compromised immune systems,” explained Mr. Hollin.