Some international students return to their homes during the pandemic

Belle Wilson, Staff Writer

The international program at JC supports students with different cultures and lives in the JC community.

These students have been affected just like many American students, but Mr. Tucker Snow International Counselor said,  “Many international students are traveling home overseas or to other areas throughout the United States to be with extended family. However, for many of our international students, this has been a challenging and worrying scenario since winter break, which is when it started to immensely impact different areas of China and other regions.”

This has been an ongoing struggle. Mr. Snow commented, “For months now, some students have been unable to travel home and see their loved ones.”

There so far have been 20 students who have traveled back to their home countries or who are living with relatives throughout the United States. The status of the pandemic is changing by the minute as these numbers are, “constantly growing day-by-day as the situation develops in their home countries and here in the US.”

14 of JC’s international students live in the dorms on the campus. Of those 14 there are only three who are still currently living the dorms. Thanks to JC’s Dormitory Supervisors, Mr. Ward and Mr. Davis who have been, “incredible during these difficult and challenging times. They have served in every way as our residential students’ parents.”

From the time they wake up until they go to bed, “ they conduct formal study halls for students to complete their work while also providing meals throughout the day for all students.”

Religion teacher Mrs. Meghan Doyle, during the first few weeks of online classes, made special dinners for them and provided them with snacks to enjoy.

One can imagine that this type of support makes a big difference in students’ lives who can’t be home right now.