Organizations are recognized during hybrid learning

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

JC has made sure that, despite obstacles resulting from COVID-19, as much normalcy as possible would still continue. This includes the many extra-curricular activities that JC students participate in on a regular basis.

These activities define JC as much as they define each student who takes part.
Principal Tom Durkin said, “Accomplishments of clubs like Speech and Debate, It’s Academic, E-Sports, Robotics, and our new Cyber Security Team have all been communicated to our marketing department. The Marketing Department then includes that information on our social media accounts and other published updates.”
Director of Marketing and Communications Kathy Walsh said, “The Marketing and Communications team does have a process in place to help with that and make sure we recognize all of our deserving students. We have a dedicated email, [email protected], that we widely publicize as the place to send any news involving Patriots. Faculty, staff, parents, and students are all invited to share successes with the school.”
Mrs. Walsh continued, “Once the news makes its way to us, we determine the best ways to share it: on social media, via the weekly email that goes to parents and students, on our website, or even in Connections, the school magazine that is sent to all current families, staff and alumni.”
Mrs. Walsh provided an example detailing how this process works through one of JC’s clubs. She said, “On January 31, Mr. Monaghan sent us an email sharing that four students had competed in the Loyola Blakefield Cyber Challenge. Even though this was John Carroll’s initial foray into this type of competition, our team came in second out of 25 teams, earning a $150 cash prize!”
She added, “My team then shared the news in the Patriot Stories section of the “Weekly Update” that went out that same evening. Unfortunately, since this was a virtual competition, there weren’t photos of the actual event, but our hope is to get the four students together for a photo soon so we can also share on social media and include in the Spring issue of Connections.”
Junior Mark Ghattas who is a part of the team who took part in the Cyber Challenge added, “It was nice to be recognized because a lot of our teachers congratulated us on our accomplishment.”
Speech and Debate Coach Joseph Schiede shared his own experience with having good news shared and said, “The main way that JC recognizes the accomplishments of the Speech and Debate team is through the school’s social media. Last year they made a display for all of [alumna] Katie Yurechko’s awards, and we have been mentioned in the school paper a few times.”
Mrs. Walsh said her favorite part of her job is “getting to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our talented Patriots. . .Whether in the classroom, on the fields, on the stage, in virtual arenas or out and about in the community, we have so many great Patriot stories.”
One of the biggest challenges she said is “sharing all the great news fast enough because we have so much of it!”
No matter the circumstances, JC continues to make a solid effort recognizing students’ accomplishments.