Pandemic restrictions lead to changes for John Carroll’s International Program

Madison Elliott, News Editor

This school year has been tough for students all over the world. The International Program at JC has met some challenges as many protocols and daily routines have had to be changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many restrictions regarding things such as traveling, social distancing, and quarantining: all roadblocks that brought challenges to JC’s International Program.
Dean of Student Services Larry Hensley said, “The biggest challenge regarding the pandemic is the safety and comfort level of our international parents feeling good with sending their students back to the United States. COVID-19 and travel restrictions have also prevented students from returning.”
COVID-19 restrictions are a major disrupter to the International Program due to the fact that students within this program live all over the world.
Keeping that in mind, JC had to make some changes to accommodate these circumstances. Many of these Patriots have made some big changes to be able to still attend JC from their home countries.
International Counselor Tucker Snow discussed how some of these students made these changes. “Luckily, they are able to do this through virtual learning; however, many of them are taking classes from 9 pm to 3 am in their time.”
Mr. Snow described this as “not very conductive to learning” and being “a challenge for them to attend.”
This is a unique challenge for those students who made these changes to continue learning at JC.
This is just one example of something that needed to be adjusted to ensure International Students can continue their learning through John Carroll.
With all these challenges presented, the search for some solutions became important. Mr. Hensley and Mr. Snow both offered possible solutions to these difficulties.
Mr. Hensley said, “As vaccines continue to be administered, hopefully, virus numbers will minimize and allow travel to return as well as a return to normalized routine academic instruction.”
This would require change across this country and the world to get closer to the relief from these tough restrictions.
Mr. Snow’s possible solution is one that has already been seen from within the school.
“Luckily, our teachers have been amazing with the accommodations that they have made for some of our international students. They have taken the extra time to make videos, meet with them for extra help, and keep in consistent contact with them,” Mr. Snow said.
Many JC teachers have worked hard to help make this process easier for the international students. This shows how willing people at JC are to overcome these difficult challenges together and to stand by one another as people trying to navigate these difficult times.
Through the present moment, JC continues to look toward the future.
Mr. Snow discussed the need to keep all students motivated through this virtual school year. Many students have been working hard through the changes made during this school year.
Mr. Snow said, “The wonderful support from everyone at John Carroll and the resilience of the students has been inspiring during a global pandemic.”