No final exams will be administered in May & June

Final grades will be tabulated based on semester grades

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The question of if final exams would take place loomed through fall and winter.

Finally, on March 2, JC announced in an email that the school was “canceling all school-based final exams for this school year.” The decision means there will be no exams for seniors which were originally scheduled May 10-11 and no exams originally scheduled June 9-10 for everyone else.
Second semester grades will be determined by combining third and fourth quarter grades (both counting 50%) and thus year-long class grades will be determined by combining first and second semester grades (both counting 50%).
Assistant Principal for Academics Jake Hollin said, “There were a number of factors that went into the decision to not have final exams for year-long classes. The decision was made by the administration with a recommendation by the Academic Council.”
He continued, “It was primarily centered around the notion of giving more time to focus on teaching, learning, and formative assessment rather than exams as a summative assessment.”
Senior Hailey Tebo said, “I’m so, so extremely happy about it.”
Classmate Senior Lauren Rossi said, “It’s the best feeling ever.”
Junior Ben Rosensteel said he was “ecstatic” as was Junior Gabbi Meyer, who commented she was “so beyond happy.”
Additionally, Junior Sydney Walsh said she was “relieved” because there has been “so much going on this school year.”
No final exams for yearlong classes will give students a break from studying as they have all year, but it’s important to note AP exams will take place as scheduled in May according to the College Board and JC.
The announcement stated, “All students enrolled in AP courses are required to take these exams and can expect additional information in an email from AP Coordinator, Mrs. Smith.”
Regarding the news of no final exams, JC updated the last day of school for seniors and underclassmen. The last day of classes for seniors is Friday, May 7 and because JC did not use all the inclement weather days built into the original school calendar, they have been able to apply those to the originally scheduled exam days in June.
With this adjustment, the final day of classes for underclassmen is Friday, June 4 “assuming we do not have any additional closings due to extreme inclement weather that would preclude distance learning.”
Sophomore Haley Lauer and Kamryn Rittmeyer both agreed that they “loved” that school will let out sooner, and they are “really excited for summer.”