Service Projects back in session

MobileServe acts as new method of tracking service hours


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Over the summer and into the new school year, Service Projects have been keeping Patriots busy.

With the use of MobileServe, the new tracking method for students’ service hours, Patriots have been able to share the fun service projects they have done.
Coordinator of Service Learning Susan Strawbridge explained how MobileServe works from her end as she gets to enjoy pictures submitted of students completing their service, responses to how the service impacted each student, and what activities were done.
“It’s kind of neat being able to pull up these pictures,” Mrs. Strawbridge said. There were plenty of different kinds of service being submitted by students such as many summer camps, mission trips, and even volunteering at places such as the National Aquarium, the Havre de Grace Youth Sailing Program, and a wheelchair decorating event at Mt. Zion.
The purpose of using MobileServe to submit service hours is for the convenience as it is quicker and easier for students.
“I am hoping the students will like the app for it to be easier than the papers,” Mrs. Strawbridge commented. In her room she had an entire bag full of old service forms that she described taking her “a great amount of time to go through.:
Regarding students’ views towards MobileServe, she said, “I think students are enjoying it. Once everything is completely set up, it will be easier.”
While students did independent projects over the summer, the return of school has allowed for students to begin doing service projects together.
On the first day of school at JC for freshman and sophomores on August 31, the students were asked to paint rocks. These painted rocks would then be placed out in different places around Harford County such as the Abingdon Gardens Retirement Center for Seniors and on the paths at Rockfield Park to brighten up these places.
For this project, Mrs. Strawbridge said, “It’s amazing some of the artwork that came out. I am anxious to send them out.”
A similar project had been planned for the juniors and seniors on their first day, September 1, but it was rained out due to remnants of Ida.
Looking into the future, some of the service projects coming up are the Boxes of Joy, the Annual Food Drive, Merry Ministries, and the making of peanut butter jelly sandwiches. More service projects and opportunities will also appear as the year continues as well.
There are plenty of great service projects to look forward to, so check for emails from Mrs. Strawbridge to get involved.