Dresher Academic Wing is one of the newest dedications

Madison Elliott, News Editor

New dedications and names have been added to JC within this school year.

Dedicated areas are already present on campus in some areas within or around the building. These areas include the Brown Room, Ed Miller Way, and Gerry Gray Stadium.
In regard to this process, JC President Steve DiBiagio commented, “It is a practice among many schools to honor and remember faculty and benefactors for their contributions.”
These names are selected specifically in honor of those who made lasting impacts on JC in some way.
To go with each name, the area selected also has some importance or relationship to those being honored, “The areas were of acute need by the school, of strong interest of donors and magnitude of impact and benefit for our students,” Mr. DiBiagio said.
Mr. DiBiagio said that he hopes to continue this tradition of dedicating locations or aspects of JC to those who contribute to the school. These names will stick with the school permanently as constant reminders and recognition to contributors for all to see.
One of the newest of these names is the Dresher Academic Wing. This dedication took place on Thursday, September 30 with a school-wide email being sent out a few weeks later. This specific naming was done in honor of the Dresher Foundation and the Dresher family, “the most significant benefactors of the school since its inception,” noted a school-wide email from Director of Market and Communications Kathy Walsh.
Within that email, Mrs. Sue Weller Kutcher, the co-chair of the school’s current Capital Campaign, described some of the impacts the Dresher Foundation has provided.
“The Dresher Foundation was instrumental in helping us to successfully raise nearly $6 million to date. Their seven-figure gift—the first in the history of the school—generated a lot of excitement and inspired others to give, as well,” she said.
With this, the Foundation has instilled their beliefs of serving others and working hard in addition to the importance of education into the JC building. “I am confident beyond any doubt of the importance and the impact of the Dresher Academic Wing,” Mr. DiBiagio said.
With the names also comes the official plaques that can be now seen around the school, “to commemorate the naming of the school’s academic wing, lettering was installed above entrances to the wing and a plaque is on display just outside the entrance with a description of the significance of the Dresher Foundation and family’s support of the school” as described in the school-wide email.
Each and every contribution makes a difference in the community. “These gifts of means and confidence enable us to advance our mission, grow our offerings, and continually invest in the future of our Patriots,” Mr. DiBiagio said.
Every decision for the names gets publicly recognized to “communicate our gratitude.”
As time goes on, more donors and contributions will come to JC, so the community can expect to see more names added as time goes on.