The St. Carlos Acutis exhibit allows students to explore their faith through the Eucharist

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Juniors in Mr. Kenneth Goedeke’s religion class were offered the chance to go to the St. Carlos Acutis exhibit as an assignment.

This exhibit featured different historical Eucharistic miracles documented by Carlos Acutis. The exhibit was hosted at St Ignatius Church in early November.
Mr. Goedeke’s instructions to his students were that they had to spend 30 minutes at the exhibit, take a selfie while they were there, and had to have a five minute conversation with him about their experience.
Junior Mackenzie Currey took advantage of this alternative assignment and went to the exhibit. She said, “The saint and his exhibit really made me realize how the Eucharist can further connect and bind me with Jesus Christ.”
Mackenzie admitted that she didn’t know what to expect walking in because she had never been to an exhibit like this. However, she said, “I had a very warm welcome first stepping into the building to view this exhibit.”
As she was leaving, she said, “I would most certainly go to another religious exhibit like this one due to how welcoming the church community had been, how interesting and organized the exhibit had been set up, and how much information I was taught within the time that I was there observing.”
She said, “This exhibit really put into perspective how anyone can make as little or big of an impact in their religious community.”
Mackenzie’s take away from this exhibit was “that the Eucharist cannot only connect us to Jesus, but also to our church community as a whole.”
Junior Cali Sliwka went to the Carlos Acutis exhibit because she found it very interesting that a person around her age was canonized to become a saint.
An interesting fact she learned at the exhibit was that Carlos didn’t spend his money on toys but spent it on purchasing sleeping bags for the homeless.
She said that her attitude going into the exhibit was “dreadful and dreary,” but when she was leaving, her attitude had changed, and it made her change her perspective on life.
Cali said the exhibit gave her “a better perspective on life and how I can now try to follow my life in God’s footsteps and help spread the word of God.”
Mr. Goedeke said that almost every student was caught off guard by the sheer number of documented Eucharistic miracles there were in this exhibit.
He said the exhibit “has opened their eyes to see that the Eucharist is not just a “boring thing Catholics do,” but a real encounter with Jesus Christ. Some have even said that they intend to pay better attention and participate more in Mass.”
Mr. Goedeke went to the exhibit and said it was “illuminating to his faith.” He then said that “the most powerful thing for my personal experience was sharing it with so many others.”