Renovation plan continues for update to the science wing

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

The JC science wing is getting a complete refresh that is planned to be ready by September of 2022. The science faculty was involved in the complete design of the new science wing.

This past summer, the science faculty went to Johns Hopkins University and to the University of Maryland to look at the state-of-the-art science facilities to incorporate ideas into the design of the JC science wing.
The science teachers were the leaders in the design of the new science rooms, and they could request the equipment that they wish to be added to their rooms.
Some requests for the renovations are to have fume hoods, new sinks, gas jets, many outlets, TV monitors, equipment storage, and movable lab tables.
Science Chairman Julie Baker said that the science rooms will provide “super great learning and experimenting spaces. The renovated classrooms will increase the amount of lab spaces for students.”
Dr. Baker also said, “The renovations will give our science teachers modern, updated classrooms and lab spaces so that they have the facilities and technology to best prepare students for college and to be innovative, critical thinkers who can solve real world problems.”
Science Teacher Andrew Ketchum said that the science rooms will “greatly enhance our instructional capabilities, strengthening student engagement and allowing multiple student projects in a variety of classes. There is the enhancement of independent work as well.”
Dr. Ketchum also said, “The Science Department is extremely grateful to all our generous donors who are making this renovation possible and to advisors who have helped us make decisions for the benefit of our students.”
Science teacher Mr. Mark Grzanna said, “Our hope is that when these facilities are complete, students will be able to engage more with the space and learn what it would be like in a real lab environment.”
JC President Steve DiBiagio said, “Science is always evolving, and we want to evolve with it.”
Mr. DiBiagio added that both students and teachers are “terribly excited.”
Since the announcement of the science renovations, Mr. DiBiagio said, “We all know something special is going to happen, and I think we are all eager for the when and the how.”
If all goes according to plan, during the next school year, students will be able to engage in a state-of-the-art science facility and to gain more lab experiences due to the renovated spaces.