92 inducted into language honor societies

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Learning languages helps better connect the world, and those who excel in their foreign languages are invited to be inducted into one of the language honor societies.

On April 21, 68 students were inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society; eight students were inducted into the German National Honor Society, and 16 students were inducted into the French National Honor Society.
At the Induction Ceremony, students were given a certificate, a pin of their respective country’s flag, and a membership card.
The motto for the Spanish National Honor Society is “Todos a Una,” which means “All Together for One Goal,” as translated by Spanish teacher Mrs. Lorena Dos Santos.
This is Mrs. Dos Santos’ first year being the moderator of the Spanish Honor Society. She said, “It is a great privilege to become a part of a prestigious society.”
There are four pillars associated with the Spanish Honor Society: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character.
The German National Honor Society is moderated my German teacher Mr. Mark Canter.
He said, “Members are expected to be leaders in not only the academic study of German, but also in the promotion of global understanding and the fostering of an international society.”
Each Language Honor Society has a mother candle to symbolize something of importance to that language.
Mrs. Dos Santos explained that the Spanish Honor Society’s mother candle symbolizes “inspiration.”
She said, “This is an academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence and promotes a continuity of interest in Spanish studies.”
According to Mr. Canter, the German Honor Society’s mother candle symbolizes “[the] commitment to international understanding.”
The motto for the French Honor Society is “L’homme qui sait deux langues en vaut deux,” meaning “The person who knows two languages is worth two people,” as translated by French teacher Ms. Guilia Beccarelli.