JC to welcome new deans for the 2022-2023 year

Ms. Presberry and Mr. Modeste will join the school community

Els Krimsky, Staff Writer

With the Dean of Students position left open due to the retirement of JC’s current dean Mr. Sean Ireton, the administration has announced that Ms. Christina Presberry and Mr. Mark Modeste will be joining the JC community the coming school year.

Both Ms. Presberry and Mr. Modeste are excited about joining the JC community and serving as guiding lights for JC students to follow.
Ms. Presberry said, “I am over-the-top excited and immensely proud to be joining the John Carroll family.”
As a native of Harford County, Ms. Presberry understands the communal values JC holds. When she arrives, she said, “I plan to hit the ground running creating partnerships with student groups, student facing services, parents, faculty, and administration and actively listening to their concerns and ideas while co-strategizing and upholding The John Carroll School mission both academically and spiritually.”
At the beginning of the next school year, Ms. Presberry plans to host meet and greet sessions separated by grade level to further integrate herself in the JC community and allow the community to better understand her values, attitudes, and hopes for the school as a whole.
“I have five pillars that I operate within: Accountability, Transparency, Training, Inclusion, and Collaboration. I utilize these pillars in the context of critical thinking. Above all, integrity,” commented Ms. Presberry. She plans to incorporate these values into her work with all those she encounters.
As for her qualifications, Ms. Presberry has years of experience working as a disciplinary leader, specializing in law enforcement and public safety procedures.
Ms. Presberry added, “Serving over 35 years in the Law Enforcement/Public Safety arena has provided me with the leadership skills and critical thinking adroitness the John Carroll community is seeking in a Dean of Students.”
Working alongside Ms. Presberry, Mr. Modeste is also planning an impact on JC upon his arrival.
“As a product of Catholic education, I understand the value of educating the entire student with our Catholic Faith as the focal point,” said Mr. Modeste.
He elaborated, “It is often challenging to balance our desires as students and individuals. I see our faith as an amazing companion in our secular endeavors. I believe that we must educate within our faith; it is our responsibility as faculty and staff.”
By filling the role as one of the two positions Dean of Students, Mr. Modeste wants to encourage an environment that promotes open and willing communication between all members of the school.
He said, “I believe that a cohesive, positive and productive culture relies on an understanding of expectations between students, families and faculty.”
He plans “to meet that goal early and often.”
The foundation of Mr. Modeste’s mindset is the principle of respect, which he believes serves as the most fundamental trait used to form strong relationships.
Mr. Modeste commented, “As students enter adulthood, being treated as such is very important. John Carroll students will know they are valued, loved and given every opportunity to succeed.”
Also joining the Patriot family will be Mr. Modeste’s son, Anthony, as a member of the class of 2026.
Family is an important value in Mr. Modeste life, influencing his roles as an educator and leader. Mr. Modeste added, “As a family, we are committed to our Catholic faith and value Catholic education.”
The addition of Ms. Presberry and Mr. Modeste to JC’s already lively staff is sure set the school up for continued success in the coming years.