Seniors enjoy annual retreat


Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Seniors attended their last JC retreat on Thursday, March 31 at the Sandy Cove Ministries in North East, Maryland. Seniors, along with their teacher chaperones, loaded buses and began the journey to the retreat location.

After an introduction by Director of Mission and Ministries Ken Goedeke and a speech by Senior Project Coordinator Louise Geczy, seniors participated in a Mass. The officiant blessed the senior class as they were finishing out the rest of their year.
Senior Class President Mark Ghattas said, “It was nice to be able to read at the retreat service and be able to finish the year off strongly with my classmates.”
Seniors got some free-time to enjoy the grounds in activities such as basketball, pool, smores, mini golf, and rock wall climbing.
Senior Kyle McCracken said, “I played basketball with some of the other senior guys. It was a lot of fun and necessary after sitting for a while.”
Students were separated into groups to enjoy various heartfelt and fun activities.
Senior Gianna Bullington said, “The activities really touched me. It was the first time I started to realize that this really was the end of the year, and we would be going away to college. It made me have a different outlook on the rest of my senior year with my friends and family.”
Senior Ava Robinson said, “Overall, although the retreat wasn’t overnight, it was still beneficial to be with everyone as one class. I had a good time and made memories I’ll look back on after graduation.”