Installment of touch screens puts a modern spin on display cases


Els Krimsky, Sports Editor

Students, faculty, and visitors will have the opportunity to have history at their fingertips.

The Office of Marketing and Communications is adding two interactive monitors to the building: one in the main hallway and the other in the athletic wing.
Any Patriot who walked by the Upper Gym at the beginning of the school year would have noticed the sudden appearance of empty space that trophy and display cases used to fill. As JC works to modernize areas of the school (like the science wing, for example) with renovations, the school also looks to display JC’s rich and impressive history of honors, awards, and achievements.
“As you can imagine, with 56 years of history, it’s hard to find room to display all of the school’s honors and achievements over the years,” said Director of Marketing and Communications Kathy Walsh.
She added, “We are simply running out of space for physical trophies, plaques and other memorabilia.”
Recognizing both the past achievements of alumni while supporting the new achievements made every day by current Patriots becomes difficult when left to present them all behind a limited number of glass cases.
The new touch screens look to fix that problem. Mrs. Walsh commented, “The new digital displays will allow for a comprehensive and easily searchable history of achievements throughout John Carroll’s history.”
Even as JC keeps up with evolving technology, the school still considers physical memorabilia to be important.
Mrs. Walsh ensures that “commemorative items will be moved into the school archives in St. Joseph Hall.” These new interactive screens are not for special use only; any Patriot or visitor can tap into a comprehensive history of JC’s academic, athletic, and alumni honors.
Mrs. Walsh shared that “the TV in the main hallway is installed, but the wiring is not yet complete.”
The screen for the athletic wing was installed earlier this month.
The monitors will display different areas of achievements.
The Alumni Wall of Honor display will show all alumni award recipients and eventually, will include links to composite class photos and other achievements.
Mrs. Walsh added, “The Athletics Wall of Honor display will ultimately feature Hall of Fame inductees as well as championship teams and other notable athletic achievements.”