Open House changes format to Discover JC

Aeowynn Ayres, Entertainment Editor

In previous years, John Carroll has hosted one major open house annually at the end of October or early November.

This year, however, JC is offering four different dates for prospective Patriots. This event is called “Discover JC.”

Director of Admissions Edward Maynard said that the reason for this change is because of the on-going construction in the auditorium and science wing.

“If we tried to fit 200 (extra) people on campus with the renovations going on, we’d be packed like sardines,” he said.

Earlier this week, the first Discover JC was held. Three more dates remain including October 12, November 15, and December 7.

These dates are only offered to eighth grade students and their families. Parents can sign up to attend the Discover JC sessions on the John Carroll website under the “Admissions” tab.

The four days of tours will allow for 60 people per event, which will ensure that things are “more controlled and intimate.”

For students looking to volunteer at one of these afternoon events, department chairs and club moderators will be reaching out in the near future.

The multiple dates not only benefit prospective students, but they also benefit current students and staff as well. Shorter tours mean that it’s less of a commitment for students. Instead of spending an entire Saturday at Open House, students will only have to spend a couple of hours after school.

There will also be a separate Athletics Open House where prospective athletes can meet their coaches.