JC includes three inclement weather days in schedule

Faith Menefee, Staff Writer

The John Carroll School has three inclement weather days built in for this school year. Once those three days are used, classes transfer over to virtual days whenever schools close for weather issues.

Assistant Principal Jake Hollin explained how the school has three inclement weather days scheduled for the school year. This means that if Harford County Public Schools close for bad weather, the first three days will be off.

If in the event HCPS closes for more than three days this year, classes will move online. These virtual classes would be 40-minutes long, and teachers would hold live class meetings for at least 20 minutes before letting students go for independent work. Students would meet with all of their scheduled classes for the day, except for off-mods and lunch, which would not have meetings to attend.

Starting soon, teachers will be taking time in class to show students how to access Microsoft Teams. They will do practice runs of getting on a Teams meeting and making sure everyone understands how to work it.

There will be no asynchronous days since classes will be shorter than if they were actually in school. For the online classes, cameras would have to be turned on, and students would have to wear the top half of their uniforms..

Sophomore Izzy Grace said, “I would rather get more snow days and add them to the end of the year rather than to go virtual.”

Freshman Payton Jones said, “I would like more virtual days rather than adding more days to the end of the year.”

Senior Hannah Hamill said, “It would not affect me because I get out early for graduation, but I wouldn’t want to do that to the other students.”

Yesterday, JC had its first taste of inclement weather with a two-hour delay due to morning ice. Two-hour delays do not affect the calendar.