New John Carroll tradition marks milestone for the sophomore year


Addy Chalmers, Staff Writer

Members of the Class of 2025 received their pins on Thursday, February 2 during the first Sophomore Pinning ceremony in JC history.

The Pinning symbolizes a milestone for the sophomore class, similar to how juniors have class rings. The pin marks the halfway point in their high school careers and is a special object to show off the sophomores’ school pride.

Sophomore Moderator Lindsey Galicki said, “I hope students will make it a tradition to wear the pin and find some other ways to make the event special and unique to them. I’ve always wanted this to be student-led, empowering them to take ownership in their experiences here at John Carroll.”

Mrs. Galicki added, “When I first started my role as sophomore class moderator in the fall of 2022, the administration spoke to Mrs. Kirkpatrick and me about starting a milestone event for the sophomore class. It was up to us to figure out what would be special and meaningful and something that freshmen would look forward to as they approach their sophomore year.”

The ceremony itself began when the members of the Class of 2025 processed into the auditorium. Sophomore Class President Sophie Andrychowski welcomed everyone and led the Opening Prayer.

Sophomore speakers then reflected upon various topics: Tony Pate on “Service to Others and Social Responsibility,” Sara Shorts on “Spirituality & Faith, Spiritual Centeredness” and Taylor Pate on “Morally Grounded.”

The keynote speaker for the evening was the Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award Winner, Mrs. Lauren Humphries, ‘03.

Mrs. Galicki said that with the help of Mr. Goedeke, the ceremony intermingled this milestone moment and the pin with students’ development as Patriots, specifically as they come to know their role in the school’s mission. “We had speakers, readers, and music that all presented a common theme of service and philanthropy to carry out our faith and stay true to what it means to be a Patriot.”

Mrs. Galicki explained that students in Sophomore SGA were consulted about their ideas for the pin design. They worked with the marketing team “to decide on a timeless, meaningful design that also would not take away from the ring experience.”