Sports banquet moves to Richlin Ballroom


Hanna LeBuhn

Freshman Steven Kutcher shakes Head Coach Robert Torres’s hand as Kutcher receives his Triple Threat Award for men’s JV indoor track. The Winter Banquet was held at the Richlin Ballroom on Tuesday, March 11.

“We finally tried something else,” Athletic Director Larry Dukes said. “The night was casual, but [it was] also a great way to recognize athletes in a different setting than the JC gym or auditorium.”

Because of the low attendance numbers at the 2013 fall banquet in the auditorium, Dukes, the Athletic Leadership Group, and other student-athletes decided to move the banquet off-campus to the Richlin Ballroom in Edgewood. It was held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on March 11.

Over the years, many different approaches have been taken with the sports banquet and awards ceremony. It was originally held in the gymnasium, but after complaints from parents about the cost of the accompanying meal, it was moved to the auditorium where it was cheaper because the cafeteria served dessert only instead of a full meal.

According to Dukes, roughly 240 people attended the hour-and-a-half banquet Tuesday night, which was 100 more than at the fall banquet in the auditorium. Tickets cost $20 a person, which was more expensive than the fall banquet, but they included a full meal.

After dinner, Dukes introduced each team, and the coaches gave brief speeches summarizing their season. Each coach also announced the Triple Threat Award winner for both varsity and JV.

Overall, Dukes believes the change in location was a success and has gotten positive feedback from not only coaches but also from student-athletes. “We really wanted something that would please everyone, so we gave an off-campus site a try,” Dukes said.

“All in all, I’m happy with how the whole night turned out,” Dukes said. “We plan on having the spring banquet at the same location.”

Triple Threat Award Winners:

Men’s Varsity Basketball: Kimbal Mackenzie

Men’s Junior Varsity Basketball: Jerome Brown

Women’s Varsity Basketball: Marta Moix

Women’s Junior Varsity Basketball: Casey Smial

Women’s Varsity Swimming: Sydney Setree

Men’s Varsity Swimming: Will Bolton

Women’s Varsity Track and Field: Meredith Haggerty

Women’s Junior Varsity Track and Field: Erin Cadden

Men’s Varsity Track and Field: Will Hopkins

Men’s Junior Varsity Track and Field: Steven Kutcher

Men’s Varsity Wrestling: Hunter Ritter

Indoor Soccer: Sophie Centi

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