Televised Sports vs COVID-19

Malik Scott, Sports Editor

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus, the sports world has changed dramatically. There are no live sports anywhere in the country. The NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, PGA tour, horse racing, XFL, and MLS have all either been suspended or cancelled up to this point in time. This week it was announced that the 2020 Olympics will be held in 2021.

Several professional athletes, unfortunately, have been diagnosed with the virus.

The NBA has recently reported a number of players testing positive for the virus. Over ten NBA players have had or have the virus so far. Global soccer has over ten cases as well.

It has now been about two weeks without live televised sports which leaves industries such as ESPN with no live content to cover. A lot of ESPN’s broadcasting recently has been NFL free agency and repeats of classic games.

Although this may be a tough time for sports fans, this is actually a beneficial time for the some athletes. They get to rest their bodies and treat their minor injuries that they have been playing through.

As for spring athletes, this is not so beneficial because the season for them had, unfortunately, just begun.

The return of televised sports is unknown due to the rapid spreading of COVID-19. League commissioners have been taking day-by-day precautions to make sure their athletes and organizations are safe.