DiCocco gets ready for new fall soccer season

Aeowynn Ayers, Staff Writer

With a father who played soccer for forty years, it was almost certain that sophomore Angelina DiCocco would follow in his footsteps. Angelina has been playing soccer since she was four and doesn’t plan on stopping now.

Her goals are to get the most out of the sport while also enjoying playing. Angelina is on the junior varsity soccer team here at JC. Although she only plays soccer for fun, she still puts in hard work to make herself better. In her free time, she is often with her dad training at the rec center by her house.
Her biggest inspiration is Alex Morgan.
“She is such a hard worker and is known worldwide. She inspires me to always try my best even if I get frustrated or things don’t go my way. She has progressed women’s sports so much during her career, and I really admire that.”
All athletes know that balancing school and sports can be tough.
Angelina said, “I have to make sure my grades come first. I tell myself that if my grades aren’t good then I can’t play.”
This is her main source of motivation for both school and soccer.
Over quarantine, Angelina has had to come up with ways to train on her own. Along with attending JC practices, she has also trained at home with her sister who also plays soccer.
This is a good opportunity for her to keep her skills sharp while not actively playing games.
Angelina’s biggest piece of advice is “You’re only going to be able to put in your best effort if you truly love the sport… It’s taught me sportsmanship and to win and lose with pride, and I will carry those lessons with me for life.”