Future for the 2020 Ravens season looks promising

Baltimore Ravens Outlook

Sydney Miller, Staff Writer

The Ravens have arguably one of the best defenses and special teams of the NFL, along with a star quarterback. The Ravens, in past years, have had great success in the regular season but always have an early departure from the playoffs.

This year, in the first two weeks, the team was very successful against the Browns in Week One, and the Texans in Week Two. Both victories were by at least 17 points.
In Week Three against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Ravens played like they did against the Titans in the second round of the playoffs last year. They played sloppily and couldn’t connect on easy passing yards, and their run game was shut down by the Chiefs’ defense. The Chiefs had their game plan all worked against the Ravens to a disappointing loss of 34-20.
Radio hosts were quick to place blame on Lamar Jackson saying he was “burned out” which was just not true. Jackson still had 97 passing yards and 83 rushing yards, one touchdown and a completion rate of 15/28 for passing yards. Granted this is lower than usual but not terrible, considering the offense only had a total of 56 snaps, when the Chiefs had a total of 75 snaps.
Jackson hasn’t lost his fire because in Week Four he had a total of 193 yards, two touchdowns and a 14/21 completion rate for passes. For coming weeks, it will be imperative that the Ravens offense stays strong and that the offensive line can keep up, so Jackson can have more time in the passing pocket.
The season outlook for the Ravens this year depends on the defense’s success in stopping yardage and the offense’s success in the passing and running game. The hope moving forward is that Jackson stays healthy along with Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown.
The Ravens after Week Six have a record of 5-1 with a 30-28 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.
Sophomore Anna Deaver believes that the Ravens are not doing as well as they were last season. She believes, however, that they do have hope to be better this season. She said that the Ravens are “using Lamar Jackson differently, so he doesn’t burn out” and commented that the offense has been using different strategies to try and preserve Jackson and keep him from unnecessary hits.
Sophomore Emma Halle believes that the Ravens are doing better than they did last year, specifying that the offense is doing better than last season, but the defense is doing about the same.
In regard to if the Ravens can live up to their record-breaking 2019 season, she said, “They can do just as well.” She believes that the Ravens could be a number 1 or a number 2 seed in the playoffs this year in the AFC.
Emma said that the Ravens are not only a regular season team.
The continuation of the season will allow the Ravens to prove if they are indeed a playoff-competing team.
The Ravens may not have a perfect undefeated record, but they still look promising in the upcoming weeks.