Adam Butz puts the ‘athlete’ in student athlete

Senior Sports Athlete Profile

Jackson Williams, Staff Writer

Since he was a child, Adam was always a gifted baseball player and student. His love for the game of baseball came at a very young age. He said, “I always wanted to play baseball when I was a little kid.”

Being a student-athlete has always been a juggling act, and Adam has perfected the ability to manage his grades whilst in a tight baseball schedule.
Every athlete has their own influences whether that be their parents or their favorite professional, but Adam’s biggest motivator in his athletic career is himself. Adam is proof that your biggest motivator is yourself.
“While my parents always supported me, it was always myself who strove to be better on and off the field,” Adam said.
Being a team player is vital to the success of a team. It is easy to have selfish ambitions for yourself instead of the team as a whole. Teammates who play for one another instead of themselves find boundless success.
Adam defines what it means to be a team player. His motivations to play baseball are simple. “I love to compete with a team and win.”
Adam saw success in his first two years on junior varsity and was ready to make the jump to varsity as a junior. He made sure to attend every off-season practice and workout. When baseball season finally came around, Adam earned a spot on the varsity squad. The season would be short lived, however, when the COVID-19 season shut it down.
“I completely missed my junior season of baseball which was annoying. This year it was hard to get prepared as a team since we couldn’t have very many team workouts in the preseason,” he commented.
Although one of his years in the John Carroll baseball program was cut short, Adam still set lofty goals for his last ride. “I want to win the championship. . . I also want to leave a legacy with the team so that future teams think of ours.”
As his time at John Carroll comes to an end, Adam’s championship ambitions offer him a unique chance to go out on top—a perfect ending to his John Carroll baseball career.