Ravens show promise early in their season

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

The Ravens this year have a tough schedule ahead of them. The season kicked off with the Raiders in Week One and will end with the Steelers in Week 18.

The Ravens worked in the off season to build a better team. In the Draft, they picked up Rashod Bateman in the first-round. He is a top tier wide receiver ready to help the passing game for the offense. Additionally, in the first round, they drafted Odafe Owen, another well-versed linebacker to add to the defense.
With these additions to the team, the Ravens look like they will improve both their defense and offense. However, the Ravens have been riddled with season-ending injuries.
The Ravens have had to put over 15 players on the Injury Reserve List.
These include star running backs JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards along with backup running back Justice Hill.
This year, it is going to be imperative that the Ravens step up their passing game since they have lost their star running backs.
The Ravens have been a staple for a run game offense in previous seasons. In 2020 they had a collective 3,071 in rushing yards.
However, last year the Ravens stepped up their passing game with a collective 2,739 yards.
As long as they can keep improving their passing game, the Ravens should do relatively well this season.
This year will be a real test for quarterback Lamar Jackson. Many people have questioned his passing capabilities and say that he just runs the ball all of the time. This year will be a test to see if he can step up and run an offense that has struggled with injuries this season.
The Ravens won all of their preseason games, bringing their win streak to 20 preseason wins in a row. The Ravens beat the Saints, Panthers, and the Washington Football Team.
In Week One the Ravens played the Raiders and lost 27-33. In Week Two, they played the Kansas City Chiefs and won 36-35. In week three the Ravens beat the Detroit Lions 19-17.
Junior Anna Deaver said in reference to the team’s injuries that “they might be able to overcome them later in the season, but it won’t be a good start.”
She believed that the Ravens would not have enough time before game one to recover the offense, without the help of Gus Edwards.
Coming off of last Sunday’s win. the Ravens are out to win more games this season.
In Week 3 against the Lions, Justin Tucker kicked a game-winning NFL record smashing field goal.
Coming in at 66 yards, Justin Tucker has beaten the previous record of 64 yards for the longest field goal kick in NFL history.
This record breaking kick changes how the Ravens offense looks at their game plan. The Ravens now have a larger field goal range to work with while utilizing Tucker.
Against the Lions, Jackson utilized the passing game more.
The future of the Ravens season will rely on how well the team can adapt to injuries and how well the Ravens can be consistent in their offense and defense.