Return of Patriot Bus allows teams to travel to games together

Ella McGuire, Sports Editor

Now that fall sports are back again, John Carroll students need to have convenient transportation for away games.

Since some parents/guardians aren’t always available to take athletes to games, JC has a solution that is coming back this year, and that is the John Carroll Patriots sports bus.
Last year, student-athletes hardly used the bus because of COVID-19 and their shortened seasons. However, fall of 2021 marks a fresh start for the John Carroll athletes.
This year, it is much easier for athletes to go to away games. All they have to do is drive to JC where the bus and their team will be waiting. Then, the bus will take them to their games and back to John Carroll once the game is over.
Freshman Nelia Kelleher, a member of the women’s JV volleyball team, said that she enjoys riding the bus. “It was nice. It was a little hot, but it was fun to be with my teammates before and after the game.”
Nelia and the rest of the women’s JV volleyball team are excited about their new season.
Field Hockey Coach Caroline Haggerty said, “I think the Patriot Bus is great. All of the bus drivers are super nice and supportive of JC athletics, and I think it is a great way for the student athletes to spend time together and get to know each other better!”
Coach Angela Ward’s team has used the bus this year.
Mrs. Ward said, “Last year students had to find their own transportation. Some people liked that, and some people didn’t. Now that we can use buses again, players are required to ride the bus to our away matches.”
Mrs. Ward added, “I think the bus ride is a great time for team bonding, not to mention it helps families out that aren’t able to provide transportation to their children for away games.”
Due to the reduction of COVID-19 cases in Harford County, the JC community decided to bring back the sports bus.
In some cases, student-athletes can still take another form of transportation to away games, such as their cars, but most athletes believe it’s better to take the bus since they can talk to the coaches and teammates.
Although the number of COVID cases have declined, there still have to be precautions in place. Athletes have to wear their masks during the ride.