Harrison takes on tennis tournament during 2021 season

Athlete Profile

Allison Coyne, Photography & Art Editor

For Junior Sydney Harrison, the fall season brings an end to her second year playing tennis for JC. Excelling in one versus one, she plays singles at the number two spot for the team.

Beginning her tennis career in sixth grade, Sydney said she started, “after watching her parents play.” After playing tennis recreationally for many years at Maryland Golf and Country Club, she decided to join the high school team and compete.
Although she had not started at a very young age, she was determined to work hard to be great.
Coach George Panian, head coach of women’s varsity tennis this year, has been coaching Sydney since she began. He continues to push her to become a better player as she plays matches against other schools.
Unfortunately, due to COVID cancellations, Sydney’s sophomore season was cut short, without the opportunity for a tournament. With the return of a more normal year, post-season success has become her main goal.
With a record of 6-2, Sydney has had a terrific year. “The season is going well, I’ve had a couple of key wins and, hopefully, will be successful in the tournament.” As playoffs approach, she continues to practice hard and improve her skills.
Regarding why she plays singles instead of doubles, she commented, “Singles requires more strategy.” The fast-pace and high intensity of singles is what drew her to the sport.
Another challenge is presented when playing singles in tennis: self-reliance. Without a partner to rely on, Sydney must stay positive and focused during a match. Some of the best advice she has ever gotten from a coach, she said, is to “dig deep.”
Despite tennis being an independent sport, Sydney has grown close to her teammates throughout the season. She said, “My favorite part about tennis is the team and the environment.” Post-match Chick-fil-A stops and ladder games at practice were just some of the highlights of her season.
Outside of tennis, Sydney is also well-rounded in academics, extracurriculars, and other sports. A student taking AP level classes, a member of National Honors Society, and a teammate on the golf team, she understands the importance of balancing and maintaining a student-athlete lifestyle.
Sydney gave one simple piece of advice to any beginner player, “Just have fun.”
Looking into the future, Sydney has many opportunities for college. She hopes to major in business and pursue a career in the field. Continuing her tennis career is an option she is considering and has already been contacted by coaches.