Athletes undergo testing prior to no testing announcement

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

At JC, there have been strict rules in place for staff, students, and visitors regarding COVID during the winter months. A protocol that was standard for all winter athletes and performers was required testing.

Announced November 5, JC released the statement, “To provide an extra layer of safety and security to all students while community metrics remain above 7.1 cases per 100,000, all students (whether vaccinated or not) participating in indoor activities in which they will not be wearing masks will be required to undergo weekly testing.”
The testing took place from 7:30 – 9:30 am one day a week. JC added that the tests would be “quick, free, painless and non-invasive.”
Freshman Lucas Lakatta said, “I understand the COVID testing requirement for us swimmers. We’re in close contact with each other and don’t wear masks swimming. Getting tested in the mornings, however, is an extra hassle since I have to plan to arrive at school early.”
It was announced on January 16 that performers on the spring musical Legally Blonde would have to start weekly testing as well.
Prior to the weekly testing for the spring musical, performers were tested before the fall musical performances.
Senior Emma Runyeon said, “I understand testing performers on the musical. We’re all always by each other, and when it comes time to perform, it’s important to know who is healthy to perform.”
While getting tested for wrestling season, George Fritz said, “Getting weekly tested for COVID added a peace of mind. It reassured that we will not transmit it to any other teams or members’ families.”
However, although it was standard for all of winter sports teams and for the musical Legally Blonde performers to undergo weekly testing, as of February 11 this will no longer continue.
For the remainder of winter seasons and into spring sports and musical productions, students will not be expected to do testing weekly or wear masks.
In a school-wide statement sent out to students, JC stated, “John Carroll will shift to a mask-optional model beginning on Tuesday, February 22, following the Presidents Day holiday. This date allows us to monitor reported cases for an additional week to confirm the positive trend continues. We will also discontinue testing of students participating in unmasked indoor activities effective immediately.”
Senior Stefan Cotsoradis said, “I’m really proud of the progress this announcement has shown. After two years, school is finally starting to be how it was freshman year. This gives me hope that my spring sports season and graduation will end on a high note.”