MLB season gets postponed

Ella McGuire, Sports Editor

The Major League Baseball teams were supposed to start their season on March 31. However, a new schedule was posted to accommodate the wants of both players and coaches.

Many sources called this dispute the “Major League Baseball’s Lockout.” Since the players and coaches couldn’t agree on how much the players should get paid, the MLB decided to lock up the fields.
Many baseball fans reacted to this upset. Some were angry, confused, or disappointed.
Sophie Anderson, a sophomore, said, “I’m disappointed and ashamed of our league.”
In 2021, the salary of teams was $210 million. Since the salary cost was established, nine teams exceeded it, making owners and players pretty angry, but for different reasons.
According to the league, the players want the salary raised. If the salary is raised, the players believe that the teams that win should get paid more.
In the wake of heated arguments, players and owners have finally come to an agreement. The set salary for the 2022 season will be $230 million. By the year 2026, the salary will reach $244 million.
Another deal was also incorporated. If pre-arbitration players excel during the season, they will get paid an extra $50 million.
Baseball Coach Mr. Darrion Siler said, “As with most issues, there is unlikely any one simple solution to the ongoing problems for MLB owners and the MLBPA. That said, I do think that the players are justified in asking for a greater share of the profits, for the product that they are producing.”
He went on more statistically saying, “Overall revenues for MLB have grown significantly in the past few years while the league minimum salary continued to be far below other major sports leagues in the country (not to mention the atrocious pay for minor league players, but that’s for another discussion).”
Mr. Siler added, “At some point the owners will (and should, IMO) give the players a greater share of the profits.”
Regarding the new salary, freshman Juli Aragon said, “I don’t think they deserve a big salary.” However, this doesn’t really impact her because “I don’t care about watching baseball.”
Baseball fans, get ready, because the players will throw the first pitch of the 2022 season on April 17.