Sports Commentary: It’s nice to see spectators in the stands again 100%

Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Spectator numbers have been fluctuating since the start of the virus. In the fall of 2021, student-athletes were given two spectator passes to give to either parents, family, or friends to watch their games.

As time progressed and COVID numbers increased and decreased — and for the safety of students and their supporters — the number of spectators varied. However, JC has always made it a point to ensure student-athletes would feel supported.
Even with some spectators in the stands through the months of high COVID numbers, there was no feeling that could compare to a stand full of fans all there for the shared love of JC sports.
Currently, as you walk outside JC, anyone can stand by a field and cheer on their friends and family out on the field playing the sport they love. Students even make it a point now that there are no regulations to arrange to watch games so the student-athletes feel that they are heard and valued.
As the year comes to a close, people should be thankful that as a JC community there’s an outlet for people to come together and support JC. Since everyone has learned that life is unpredictable these past two years, opportunities like these should be cherished.
For seniors, it’s their last time even being able to play or watch JC sports in action. There will be no other comparative feeling for students ever again.
JC does a great job of publishing sports games and highlighting team accomplishments, so if spectators were to ever not be able to attend a game, they can check for results and give students and the teams credit for their talents.
Overall, seeing people outside JC, wearing JC apparel, and cheering on JC teams makes the student morale feel positive. As time continues, there is hope this feeling of joy can continue in future years.
Spring weather is the perfect time to catch some rays outside as people cheer on their athletes. Grab a snack and some friends to watch the games, and keep an eye out on the JC website for updated team schedules.
If you see team members in the hallway, don’t forget to make them feel valued and accomplished. We’re all a part of the JC community together!