Bell climbs her way up to the championship

Ella McGuire, Sports Editor

As the season came to an end with a championship, senior Libby Bell reminisced on her final badminton season at JC.

After leaving lacrosse sophomore year, Libby Bell was at an athletic crossroads. She was not sure what she would play in the spring since fall had already been occupied with volleyball. However, one day after gym class changed her athletic career.
What started as a simple suggestion turned into going to two championships, including this year.
“My inspiration would have to be Mrs. Gauthier. She encouraged me to try out after seeing me play in her Gym class.”
Having taken Mrs. Gauthier’s advice, Libby was on the team for the past two years and has made many memories.
Libby’s favorite thing about playing has been “being with friends on the team, like Brysen Hlad.”
Being the two seniors on the team, these two girls served as inspirations for young players and had lots of fun playing together.
This year was bittersweet as it was their last year playing together.
Libby said, “My favorite memory would be going to the championships last year. Brysen and I were close with the seniors last year, and it was just a great experience to make it to the championship.”
Libby had great success this season, as she was in Singles #1 and the team was undefeated in their conference. The team also went to their conference championship.
At the B Conference Championship, JC placed second. Libby also won second in the Individual Competition.
Finally, Libby concluded her great success by being selected for the IAAM All Conference Team.
While she did well this year, Libby faced challenges while playing singles.
She said the biggest challenge about playing by oneself is the stress. In regard to what causes the most stress, she added, “You need to be able to move around the court and anticipate where the other girl is going to put the birdie.”
Libby was given great advice from her coach on how to cope with these challenges. Her coach told her to never second guess herself.
Libby has her own advice for student-athletes. “I would advise other student-athletes to make sure they are having fun while playing their sport.”
When asked why having fun is her only piece of advice, she responded, “Because that’s the most important thing.”
Libby said, “Badminton is a great sport and I encourage other girls to try out next year.”
In her free time, Libby likes to go on hikes, be with her friends, and go out and have fun.
Libby is in between two colleges choices: West Virginia University and Appalachian State. She plans to major in Psychology.
While Libby wants to play badminton in college, there is unfortunately no college league.
Libby said, “Hopefully they will have an intramural or club team.”
Libby has had many successes and memories throughout her badminton seasons which she holds very close to her heart.