Boswell ends her year on the softball team


Madison Elliott, News Editor

Senior Tessa Boswell just ended her time as a player on the varsity softball team. This past season, she served as the captain and was a strong leader for her team.

Her softball journey began around eight-years-old, and since then, she has been committed to softball. Currently her preferred and usual position on the playing field is an outfielder, but she can play the infield, too — more specifically first base.
Her initial start began as she watched her older sister play softball. Not only was her sister the reason she began playing, but her sister is also her biggest inspiration.
Watching and learning from others is one of the best ways to share wisdom and find a mentor. This makes trying new things and learning so much easier.
Guidance followed by experience is what helps players become the best versions of themselves possible. Another thing that can help players improve is through taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from other players and putting in individual work as well.
From Tessa’s own experience throughout her years playing softball, she has been able to share her best piece of advice to other players: “Softball is a game of failure, so don’t let that stop you from playing; just strive to do better than your last game,” she said.
Improvement always comes from hard work and perseverance. Not only can this be taken for sports, but the idea behind this advice is strong for life in general to not give up when things get tough. This relates to the best and most challenging aspects of softball.
For Tessa, the most challenging part of her sport is “how mental the game is.” The best part of the sport is “making a good play and all of your friends cheering you.”
Last year, Tessa was awarded in the All-Conference Softball Team. With this, she was recognized as part of the “A” Conference team.
Regarding the future, Tessa plans to continue playing softball beyond high school. Her ideal goal is to try out for the Stevenson University softball team.