Butler scores her way to playing college sports

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Sports have been a huge part of Lillian Kennedy-Butler’s life.

Beginning in recreational lacrosse when she was just five-years-old, Lilly has grown up with lacrosse. She picked up a field hockey stick in sixth grade and continued from there.
Lilly plays goalie in field hockey and attack in lacrosse. She will be continuing her academic and athletic careers at Keystone College where she is planning on majoring in Pre-Physical Therapy while continuing to play field hockey and lacrosse in college.
Lilly has grown up in a family full of athletes, and her entire family has played either lacrosse or field hockey, so she is no stranger to sports.
Lilly said that by “hearing their love for the game growing up and watching my sisters play, I knew it was something I wanted to try.”
Lilly’s biggest inspiration has been her parents, and they have always whole-heartedly supported her and inspired her to work harder. She said, “They have always set a good example for me and have been my biggest fans since day one.”
She said that her dad has spent countless hours with her in the backyard feeding her lacrosse balls to work on her cuts and her shots, and her mother has woken up at the crack of dawn to drive her to all of her different practices and tournaments.
Although she has had triumphant moments like her 1v1 save in overtime against NDP in field hockey, Lilly has had her share of struggles.
She said her “biggest struggle was going through COVID, and all sports being canceled, having the season taken away and not being able to be out on the field playing really took a toll on my mental health.”
One of the hardest parts was having to practice in her backyard by herself, and it was a struggle being “away from my friends.”
When Lilly isn’t practicing lacrosse or field hockey, she is either reading or going on hikes with her dog.
The most meaningful advice she has ever received is that “there is always room for improvement; even when you think you’ve reached the top and are at your peak, you can always go higher.”
Her advice to other athletes is that “if you really love your sport and want to be the best, then never stop working to get better. Have the grit and discipline to succeed and the power to move anything that gets in your way.”
Although, her time as a JC athlete has ended, Lilly is looking forward to her future athletic and academic endeavors.