Modeste announced as JC’s new football coach

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Mr. Mark Modeste will be taking over as JC’s varsity football coach for the 2022 season. Currently working in California, Mr. Modeste is excited to join the JC community in the next few months.

Mr. Modeste said that he loves the area around JC, and his family was looking to relocate, so when he saw the opportunity to apply for a job at JC, he jumped at it.
Working as an Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator for Sacred Heart College Preparatory and as a Head Coach at both Strake Jesuit College Preparatory and at Archbishop Riordan High School, Mr. Modeste is no stranger to the game of football.
He refered to himself as a “player’s coach,” and said he will “always put my players first.” He always wants his players to succeed at the game of football, and he also wants his players to succeed in life by building important skills, including “how much preparation is the key to success in any area of life.”
His main goal in coaching is to “create an experience players will carry with them the rest of their lives.”
He said that he “loves the game. I love the process, and I am relentless in the pursuit to improve as a team day in and day out.”
Mr. Modeste wants to add “stability” to the JC football program. He wants it to “truly be a community-driven program.”
He wants to bring “a new excitement for the JC community to enjoy and participate.” He believes that “Friday Night Lights should be a fun experience for everyone.”
For a successful team, he said that the team needs to be “improving every day. There is no substitute for hard work. No scheme or athleticism will trump hard work at the end of the day.”
Mr. Modeste offered this advice to his new players: “Be a self-starter and make the next right decision. We will teach how to work smart, but you have to bring the ‘hard’ part of hard work.”
For his future plans for the football program, he said that he wants to “build it through the aforementioned work ethic and to make the program attractive to our current and future students.”