Rivera to take over the cheer program

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

Ms. Shaunna Rivera is a very experienced cheerleader. She has cheered at the D1 at the University of Texas El Paso and has coached for 20 years. She is excited to take over the JC cheer program to make it a competitive program. She also has coached in Texas, Illinois, and Maryland.

Currently she works at the Arena Club as a teacher for group fitness and personal training.
She said that she is “truly honored to coach at JC. I look forward to working with and further developing a talented group of athletes.”
She wants to “bring about a fantastic program that will offer athletes a wonderful experience.”
Coach Shaunna has brought on Sabra Baker as an assistant coach of the program. Coach Baker is an elementary school teacher, and she has cheered at Millersville University and is from Cleveland, Ohio.
For her current plans for the cheer program, she hopes to “build a solid team dynamic, connect with one another, establish wonderful relationships with each other and work together.”
For her future plans with the program, her hope “is to build a cohesively-structured program that is strong year after year.”
She hopes to “help them to become the very best version of themselves.”