Harford County boasts cheerleading gym Alpha Athletics

Addy Chalmers, Staff Writer

Cheerleading is not just a sport, but it also creates a home and a family for many athletes. Alpha Athletics is one of two All-Star Cheerleading gyms in Harford County, Maryland.

The gym opened in 2012, and it has many athletes who are still cheering there now. When the gym opened, they had two teams, and this year they have nine teams.

Alpha makes a spot for anyone in their pack. As soon as an athlete walks in the door, they are welcomed by the coaching staff and the athletes. In just a few weeks, all new athletes find their second family.

This year they have a wide variety of teams. They have five distinct levels and six different age placements. They have a team for every athlete, ranging from the Tiny Novice to the Open Coed 4. Everyone who goes to tryouts makes it on a team.
Last year, the team Lady Alphas got third place in a big competition called Summit located at

“The Wide World of Sports’ in Orlando, Florida. It was an amazing experience because it was the first time a team in the gym made it to finals at Summit.

At Alpha, the staff’s priority is the athletes and their safety. They care about all 150 girls’ and boys’ mental and physical health. All the Alpha staff have a background check with USASF and are CPR certified.

All Star Cheer is expensive; however, at Alpha there is lots of fundraising to go towards travel competitions and tuition. The staff wants the athletes to be happy and will do anything to make sure they get to compete on the mat.

My experience has been amazing these past four years. Not only have I improved many of my skills, but I have also found my second family. The bonds between my teammates and me are strong. I need a large amount of trust for the people under me to know that they will catch me.

I truly would recommend this gym to any cheerleader or anyone who wants to cheer. I love it with all my heart, and I believe that they will, too. The Pack is always looking for new members to join. Do not be afraid to stop by the den.