Ski trip returns for students after two year hiatus


Aeowynn Ayres, Entertainment Editor

John Carroll students and staff had the opportunity to go to Seven Springs on a ski trip January 20-22 for the first time since 2020. 49 students attended, and the group departed that Friday at 1 pm, and returned at 6 pm on Sunday.

Boys and girls were on separate floors: Mrs. Tess Gauthier on the girls’ floor while Mr. Larry Hensley and Trip Coordinator Eddie Maynard were on the boys’ floor.

The Seven Springs Hotel included multiple dining options and also had a swimming pool, movie theater, indoor mini golf, roller skating, snow tubing, and an arcade available for guests.
Students had to pay $300 for hotel and transportation expenses and $58 per day for ski/snowboard rentals. While food was not provided, students were able to bring snacks and eat at the restaurants Seven Springs offered.

Senior Ty Hensley said his favorite part of the trip was “the freedom we had to hang out with our friends and ride anywhere.” His only complaint was that “curfew should be at midnight instead of eleven.”

Junior Ginger Roarty said that her favorite part was “snowboarding down the slope for the first time.”

The resort offered snowboarding and skiing lessons, and most students were taught by their friends or other peers.

Ginger commented, “I probably would’ve taken a lesson with a professional before practicing by myself.”

Mr. Maynard said, “This year did not really differ [from previous trips], but this was our first time back to Seven Springs since 2018. It was also nice to offer the overnight trip again, since we had not done the trip since 2020.”