Doyle begins tenure as JV softball coach

Liz Siemsen, Staff Writer

With the formation of the new JV softball team came the process of recruiting a new coach. Mrs. Meghan Doyle was chosen for the job.

Mrs. Doyle was the fresh/soph volleyball coach this past season, and she “loved” the experience. When she got the opportunity to coach another team, she couldn’t pass it up. Many of her volleyball athletes came to try out for softball.

When she first applied to John Carroll, she asked about the experience with coaching softball. At the time they did not have enough athletes at tryouts to make a JV team, and the varsity coaching staff was full as well.

Mrs. Doyle has a lot of past softball experience. She played recreational ball as a child and also participated in tournament teams. She went on to play for Archbishop Spalding High School and for Mount St. Mary’s University.
Being a part of JC and being present on campus was also a gift for her to help become the coach.

After there were enough players to make a JV team, she immediately was interested. She approached Assistant Athletic Director Erik Fabriziani who put her in touch with the varsity softball coach and asked to be considered for the position.

Once she got the job with Assistant Coach Kate Webb, she fell in love with it. She has loved walking alongside the athletes, seeing them reaching their potential and believing in themselves the more the season goes on.

She said, “Experience and knowledge of the game is only part of it, though. The best coaches, in my opinion, have a love of the game that is infectious and helping them grow as people, not just players.”