Getz finishing final softball season

Athlete Profile


Juli Aragon, Staff Writer

Senior Mykaela Getz is playing her last softball season with John Carroll. Mykaela is committed to Stevenson University for the fall and is planning on majoring in nursing.

Mykaela plays center field and is a strong lefty hitter, normally hitting first or second in the lineup.

She has accomplished a lot in her four years both in and out of the classroom. She is in the Quill & Scroll Honor Society for writing for the literary magazine and has also been softball team captain for all four years.

Mykaela commented, “Being a captain all four years of high school has been one of my favorite things about JC softball. Being a captain allows you to have a close relationship with everyone on the team, and it creates a different type of bond. It has allowed me to see different perspectives on things, and has given the girls someone to talk to if needed.”

Mykaela’s favorite memory on the team is leading the girls to the MIAA Championship during her junior year. She plans to continue that drive, striving to lead her team to the championship once again.

She said, “I feel very confident going into this season. I believe we have more than enough talent to take us back to the championship game. I am excited to wear my JC uniform one last time.”
Not only does she continue to be a leader on the field, but she is also an outlet for the girls. Her biggest priority is being able to listen to new ideas so that she can improve the team’s atmosphere.

Going to college is a big deal for Mykaela, and with the experience she has gained, it has helped her to stay focused. JC has provided her with the materials she needs to be a successful student while also helping her be the most successful at Stevenson University.

Mykaela explained that she chose Stevenson because it felt like a home to her. Not only is Stevenson a close distance to home, but her parents will get the opportunity to watch her play and watch her continue to grow as an athlete.

Mykaela is most excited about getting the opportunity to make new friends and new relationships. She is incredibly excited to be at the Stevenson campus, getting to live her life as a Stevenson Mustang.

Mykaela added, “Going to college, I am taking with me that hard work and effort can go a long way. Even if you are not the best player on the field, you will stand out if you give 100% effort.”

As her high school softball season has started for the last time, her biggest advice to underclassman is to “enjoy the time you have in high school. It goes faster than you think, and I wish I could stay here and play for more than four years.”